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Ups and downs

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Everything occurs in cycles. In times of perceived prosperity, you’ll feel elated, optimistic, and complacent, and you’ll tend to focus on lower priorities. You’ll commonly stop doing the things that brought you there, and the demand for your product or time will drop off while your supply goes up. In times of perceived austerity, you’ll feel depressed, pessimistic, and impatient. Then you’ll become creative, go back to the basics, and act purposefully once again. As your demand goes back up and your supply goes down, you return to the prosperity side of the cycle. It’s a circle, and money dips are an essential part of it until you develop discipline. So embrace the cycle—the ups and downs—but moderate them. When you start to feel prosperous and elated, that’s the time to get back on focus. When you’re at your peak, do what you’d normally do at your bottom. When you’re at your bottom, do what you’d normally do at your peak. When you’re up, act as if you were down; and when you’re down, act as if you were up. Neutralize the swings and keep growing. – Dr John Demartini