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Project: Amy Butler Bag

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag 4 Amy Butler Cosmo Bag 3 Amy Butler Cosmo Bag
Necklace from MikaelaBeth

I had this bag all cut out and had started sewing it together the day before Olivia arrived. Needless to say it took me a while to get back and finish it!

The pattern is from Amy Butler’s Style Stitches Book.

I am loving this bag more and more each time I use it. Such a practical size to throw everything in and also as a fun nappy bag to carry all the essentials. Amy Butler Cosmo Bag 5


Reality of life with a 8 week old 1

We all have those days I’m sure… You know the ones where you get to the end and can’t remember what you managed to do to fill in the hours since you got up that morning, or the ones where everything you do seems to go wrong, or the ones where you just want the day to end and your eyes are falling shut but are still up at 1:30am willing the baby to go to sleep, which is what I am currently doing.

Days like these I celebrate the small achievements. For me things like having freshly washed and blow-dried hair and a hot cup of coffee makes all the difference and can turn an average day into a great day, after all who cares if the floors get vacuumed or if there’s a thousand photos to be edited.. They will still be there waiting for another day.

I was reminded earlier today to frequently take deep breaths; to discover the benefits & pleasure of breathing fully. This made me think of how little I pay attention to the small things like breathing; ensuring I take deep breaths and also enjoying the sounds of my baby girls little breaths as she tries to go to sleep in my arms.

These days don’t last forever I am told, although right now it is hard to see beyond this moment. Time to enjoy the now and the fact that I get to cuddle Olivia once again tonight…

Reality of life with a 8 week old 2

Exploring new places

Hollydeen 10 These delightful sunny winters days are the best. It’s the perfect reason to get out and about and make it extra special by exploring somewhere new that you’ve never been before.  Hollydeen 1 On Saturday we decided to take Garth’s mum, who was visiting, for a drive. It was far too beautiful weather to stay inside. We decided to go to Denman for breakfast at Tartuka, a cafe that serves yummy coffee and Italian food. Then we wandered up the street to visit the local markets and peruse the many craft and food stalls. Hollydeen 5 Hollydeen 2 Hollydene has been on our ‘must visit list’ for quite some time. Seeing as though we were enjoying the day and soaking up the sunshine we decided it was the perfect occasion to visit and try it out. It had such a great atmosphere filled with lots of happy chatter from other diners who were out enjoying their leisurely Saturday afternoon like ourselves. Looking out over the vineyards as we enjoyed our delicious meals I couldn’t help but notice the cute chairs scatted around the manicured lawns just begging to be sat on while enjoying a coffee, I think we might need to plan another visit soon and make that happen. Hollydeen 3 Hollydeen 7 Hollydeen 4 Hollydeen 8 Hollydeen 6 I am so grateful for the wonderful area that we live. It continues to amaze me the beautiful places that surrounds us.

Have you explored somewhere new recently? Did you enjoy the experience? Hollydeen 9I best go clean my camera lens right away! Clear blue skies can make the dirty specks really stand out!