RECIPE: Homemade Chilli Sauce

Homemade Chilli Sauce RecipeOur little vegie garden is thriving at the moment. It’s so nice to be able to wonder out on the deck and have lots of greenery and life around. Everything we plant is edible and is so useful whilst cooking to be able to slip outside and grab a handful of chives, or to make a super healthy green smoothie with the baby spinach.
At the time chillies sounded like a grand idea, always nice to have one or two to add to the occasional meal… well we ended up with about 8 plants loaded with chillies that needed to be eaten so chilli sauce seemed like the obvious solution. Homemade Chilli Sauce - Multicoloured Chillies Homemade Chilli Sauce 1

I did a bit of recipe research and found a few options that sounded nice. In the end I decided to make my own variation and see how it turned out.

250g brown onions
60g ginger
30g garlic
300g chillies (tops removed)
1.2kg tomatoes
100g rapadura sugar
1 tsp salt
60g apple cider vinegar

1. Place onions, giner, garlic, chilli and tomatoes into thermomix, chop on sp 7 for 10 secs.
2. Add sugar, salt and vinegar, Cook on Varoma temp sp 1 for 45 mins (place basket on top to prevent spitting)
3. Pour into jars.

Homemade Chilli Sauce
It turned out to be yummy but very very hot! I mixed it with some honey to serve and that was delicious and suited my tastebuds just fine. Homemade Chilli Sauce 2

What's your thoughts?