Homemade Potato Wedges

Since I had some yummy homemade chilli sauce in the fridge I decided that it needed some wedges and sour cream to go with it, and you can’t top homemade rustic wedges.Homemade Potato WedgesI started by washing the random mix of potatoes I had in my cupboard and cutting them into wedges. I know some varieties work best, but I didn’t need to go to the shops for anything else and these all tasted pretty fine if you ask me!

Then I placed them into an oven tray and covered generously with some Macadamia Oil and then seasoned with freshly ground mix of herbs and salt. Homemade Potato WedgesI popped them into a hot oven till they were scrumptiously golden.

Served with my chilli sauce mixed with honey (it really made a delicious sweet chilli sauce!) and sour cream. Was such a easy and yummy snack. Homemade Potato Wedges

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