I’m thankful for…

It’s popping up all over the media, on Facebook, blog posts, instagram and even the news, so I thought even though I’m not American and Thanksgiving isn’t an Aussie tradition I can still be thankful for so many things in my life.

Purple Flower with spider-01-01

So here are 10 things I am thankful for:

  1. My family – I am so thankful for the family I am apart of and the great relationships we all have together. During a conversation with friends a few days ago we were talking about families and the general feel was that everyone had at least one sibling that they didn’t get along with or at a get together would end in arguments, I was so thankful to be apart of a family that all got along really well and treasure the moments we are all together.
  2. Friends – since moving a distance away from most of my family I have really appreciated the friendships that have grown. I have got some of the best friends and most of us don’t have close family around so enjoy the regular company of each other.
  3. Health – I am so thankful for a healthy body. A journey I’ve enjoyed taking over the past year or two (and will be ongoing) is learning more about having a healthy lifestyle.
  4. The wee little baby inside my tummy – a small miracle!
  5. The country I live in, Australia. Not to be biased but often I think we have the best place in the world to live. The freedom and the lifestyle we are able to live is fantastic.
  6. Rain! it’s pouring again. Often it can go weeks or months without a single drop, but in this past week we have had so much rain it’s crazy!
  7. My job – I love the fact I can work from home doing what I love!
  8. My husband – he is the greatest! So generous, loving, and willing to give anything a go.
  9. Our home – It is so nice to live in a home with a brand new kitchen, bathrooms and fresh paint. Something I am extremely thankful for after living in a reno zone for 12 months, and without a kitchen for a couple months.
  10. Good food – I love the fact I can walk to the shops and pick up some yummy fresh ingredients to cook with any day of the week.



The flowers are photo’s I took during our holiday in Tasmania last year.


3 thoughts on “I’m thankful for…

  1. Julie

    Beautiful words and thoughts. I could use all 10 points as my own grateful list. Thankyou for being best ever daughter, sister, friend and soon to be mum.


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