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Does it spark joy?

Lately I’ve been wanting to declutter and organise our home. I have never considered myself a hoarder and always thought I kept things organised most of the time, but at the moment everything feels like it’s busting at the seams and filled to capacity. I’m on a mission to create some ‘space’, an empty shelf in the cupboard or just the space to lay things out rather then stacked in a particular way, which then creates more effort to keep tidy.

I love Marie Kondo’s strategy – simply ask yourself if the item ‘sparks joy’? if it doesn’t (and it isn’t a necessity) it’s time to get rid of it.

Time to put this delightful decluttering strategy into practice and see how I go.

The first bag of stuff is at the door ready to donate.

PS. I also love these 5 minute decluttering tips


Reality of life with a 8 week old 1

We all have those days I’m sure… You know the ones where you get to the end and can’t remember what you managed to do to fill in the hours since you got up that morning, or the ones where everything you do seems to go wrong, or the ones where you just want the day to end and your eyes are falling shut but are still up at 1:30am willing the baby to go to sleep, which is what I am currently doing.

Days like these I celebrate the small achievements. For me things like having freshly washed and blow-dried hair and a hot cup of coffee makes all the difference and can turn an average day into a great day, after all who cares if the floors get vacuumed or if there’s a thousand photos to be edited.. They will still be there waiting for another day.

I was reminded earlier today to frequently take deep breaths; to discover the benefits & pleasure of breathing fully. This made me think of how little I pay attention to the small things like breathing; ensuring I take deep breaths and also enjoying the sounds of my baby girls little breaths as she tries to go to sleep in my arms.

These days don’t last forever I am told, although right now it is hard to see beyond this moment. Time to enjoy the now and the fact that I get to cuddle Olivia once again tonight…

Reality of life with a 8 week old 2

Reflections on Technology

Quiet MorningsLife on the online world has been a little quiet for me over the past few weeks, due to some internet and computer problems like:
– Internal hard drive becoming overfull, and in the process of making space on my laptop almost loosing my entire photo library (the heart stopping sheer panic only lasted a few minutes until I found that you actually need to delete the file three times before it’s actually removed from the computer and not just the twice that I originally thought)
– Internet data allowance ran out prior to me downloading a program that was an essential for me to use and unable to download on the ‘dial-up speed’ we then had.
So after many hours on the phone to telstra and dreaming of a new laptop, that I know isn’t a priority at the moment, everything seems to be up and running again.

During this process, as frustrating as it was, I was able to discover many positives. I was able to read some inspiring books and enjoy flicking through my gorgeous selection of magazines sitting on the bookshelf in the moments during the day that I would usually find myself reading blogs and browsing the net and It allowed me to go outside with a cup of tea and sit allowing myself the space and nature to inspire me instead of sitting at the computer during my breaks gleaning inspiration from pinterest and other sources which can easily become overwhelming and have the opposite effect that I was chasing.

It has helped me realise that I need to allow myself space to create and be inspired from the world around me and step away from the computer more often. I’m still a lover of technology, and my pinterest browsing will never stop, but I am now more aware of the effects it can have and sometimes it’s nice to be forced to have a break.

Jewellery Display Ideas

Jewelry Oranization Collage
1 | 2 | 3

My jewellery had turned into a big shambled mess, of which I am very ashamed. A job that’s been on my list to do for quite some time finally begun on the weekend. I started by getting everything out and going through it all one by one, untangling it, and then putting it into a box: one for keeps, one for things other then jewellery (mostly hair stuff) and finally one to give away.


This is how it’s currently at, which is a huge improvement, but I still want to do more. I have found a few ideas via pinterest that look good to display my jewellery. I will keep you posted with what I finally decide to do.

What works for you? Have you got any suggestions?

Do you have great taste?

I just had to share this short video with you. Trust me you need to watch it.

Often I am left disappointed with my work. I feel like in my mind I should be able to do so much better but often it just doesn’t come out as good as I imagined it, I am left with a gap.

Ira Glass has encouraged me to keep going – it takes time and you need to do a lot of work but eventually you will start creating something that you are proud of, something that a person with great taste will love.

2014 begins….

2014 Begins

I may be off to a late start this year but I am looking forward to getting stuck into the new year and all the things that it’s going to bring with it!

Over 4 weeks of spending good fun, quality time with friends and family, lot’s of driving, beach holidays, music teaching training, birthday parties, Ultrasounds and getting my husband ready for work again. ‘Christmas’ really has been so much fun and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Today I have finally been able to sit down in my office and get a few thoughts together and start to make some sense of the disorganised dumping ground it has become over the past month….

One thing that jumped off my phone screen while browsing my Instagram feed one day was the above 5 goals. Lorna Jane had posted the image and I have decided to make those 5 things my ‘New Years Revolution’.