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Bump Style: 35 Weeks

Pregnancy Style 35 weeks | Pregnancy Style 35 weeks  | Pregnancy Style 35 weeks  |

Only 5 weeks to go!

These photo’s were taken after camping for three days in a tent (I’m surprised my hair actually doesn’t look too bad!). The light was beautiful and I happened to spot an old shed that was perfect for a backdrop, also I realised it’s been far too long since I had taken any photo’s of my rapidly growing belly!

My wardrobe is extremely limited at the moment, but it’s a great time to play with layers as the weather is getting cooler.

Camping at Knorrit Flat

Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | 1 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | 2 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | 3 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | 5 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | 7 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | 6 Knorrit Flat Camping Trip | 4

On the weekend we explored a part of the country we had never been before. We started the weekend by attending the ANZAC Day Dawn Service before hitting the road to get to our destination. We stayed at the Knorrit Flat Riverside Retreat, a beautiful place to camp on luscious green grass alongside a flowing river, tubes are available  and get a lift upstream and float back down to the campsite (although there were plenty of swimmers this weekend it was a bit too chilly to get me in the water!). There was plenty of 4wding to be done, with lots of fallen trees to remove off the track, plus plenty of time to relax and connect with the friends we were with.

At 35 weeks pregnant it most likely was the final camping trip as just the two of us! I am looking forward to the new adventures we will have as a family of three.

Artwork for the Baby Room

Baby Feet Artwork | www.mikaelabeth.comThis weekend was all about getting creative and brushing the dust off my Silverbullet Dicut Machine, which has been regretfully sitting in the cupboard unused since I bought it six months ago… I’m blaming it onto foggy baby brain, it being slightly more challenging to use then I expected and the fact that I couldn’t get anything to cut perfect with it first go!

Well thanks to a new project I’ve started, which has a lot of cutting required and to have it cut perfectly by a machine would be hugely beneficial, and to some subtle nudging from my husband to dig out the machine and give it another go (I think he struggles with watching me sit for hours on end doing such repetitive tasks!) I finally dug it out of the back of the cupboard and persevered with understanding how it works.

After doing many test cuts I was able to cut out these cute footprints! The satisfaction and excitement of having those little toes perfectly cut with no ragged edges is immense! To celebrate I decided to place them in a frame to become the very first artwork for the new baby room which we are about to start to put together.